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Creative Powers That Be

Virtual SaaS HR Solution

SaaS HR Solution

Creative Powers That Be offers SaaS HR Solutions through its fully compatible API, that will accommodate every business need, no matter how small or how big.

Brilliant Pay

Brilliant Pay is an all-in-one banking solution that’s for everyone.  It has all the services you need to keep your finances in order.  This service is included with the HR Solution PRO 

CPTB Web Hosting

CPTB Web Hosting offers hosting that is scalable for any business or entrepreneur with plans for every budget.


Start Connecting With Your Employees

With Creative Powers To Be SaaS HR Solution, companies can now connect to their employees from work or home.  This SaaS HR solution comes equip with the most powerful HR tools on the market.  Track your employees, attendance, payroll, and more while on the go with the new mobile app.  



Creative Powers That Be is also a technology based company that does not stop at HR Solutions, we also offer top quality Cloud-Based web hosting.  Creative Powers offer hosting plans and security to fit every budget and ready for any business model.